Best software by Fabasoft R&D GmbH

Fabasoft Folio Cloud Plug-in
It allows you to edit documents quickly and easily directly in your web browser.
Fabasoft Cloud Client for Windows
This client is responsible for the communication between the Cloud and Office.
Fabasoft Folio Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook
Verify recipients Folio accounts before sending Fabasoft Folio e-mails.


Cloud Communication Cloud Storage Control Tool Document Management Folio Add-On Outlook Add-On Sync Docs Sync Documents Verify Folio Web Control

Popular programs by Fabasoft R&D GmbH

Fabasoft app.test
With Fabasoft app.test you can test your web site or application automatically.
Fabasoft DUCXtest 2010
It is the automated testing tool for applications based on Fabasoft Folio.

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